#30 best destination in the world

The Baths, Virgin Gorda

  • The Baths was formed by granite that eroded into piles of boulders on the beach
  • The boulders form natural tidal pools, tunnels, arches, and scenic grottoes that are open to the sea
  • Beach area on the island of Virgin Gorda

Necker Island

  • Island entirely owned by Sir Richard Branson, containing luxury properties offering access to beaches, private pools, tennis courts, a personal chef, and water sports equipment
  • The whole island operates as a resort and can accommodate up to 40 guests, with additional room for six children

Jost Van Dyke

  • Smallest of the four main islands of the British Virgin Islands
  • Like many of the neighboring islands, it is volcanic in origin and mountainous

Norman Island

  • Island at the southern tip of the British Virgin Islands, and one of a number of islands reputed to be the inspiration for Robert Louis Stevenson’s pirate novel Treasure Island
  • Norman Island is a well-known destination for cruisers and other tourists because of three water-level caves at the base of cliffs
  • The caves are ideal for snorkeling, and, if one goes deeply enough into the cliffs, darkness makes the experience like a night dive

Guana Island

  • One of the few remaining privately owned islands in its part of the world, Guana has seven white powder-sand beaches and 850 acres of tropical forest, mountains, hills, and valleys
  • The island is mostly natural preserve and has a small resort

Peter Island

  • The largest private island in The British Virgin Islands
  • The island is predominately undeveloped but contains hiking and biking trails on which to discover the tropical flora and fauna indigenous to Peter Island
  • The only hotel, the 52-room Peter Island Resort, is accessible by boat or helicopter

Soggy Dollar Bar

  • Located in nearby White Bay is the Soggy Dollar Bar, another famous beach bar on the island
  • It is reputedly the birthplace of the popular drink known as the Painkiller
  • To reach the beach where the bar is located, it is a common practice for boaters to anchor off the beach, swim to shore, and pay for their drinks with wet money
  • Today, White Bay is lined with beach bars and is a very popular stop for yachts and boaters
  • Group tours and small cruise ships are also frequent visitors