#7 best destination in the world


Metropolitan Museum of Art


  • #3 of the top 25 museums in the world
  • Largest art museum in the United States
  • Second most visited art museum in the world
  • Contains over 2 million works in 17 departments
  • The collection includes art, architecture and artifacts from Medieval Europe
  • The permanent collection consists of works of art from classical antiquity, and ancient Egypt, paintings and sculptures from nearly all the European masters, and American and modern art
  • The museum also has holdings of African, Asian, Oceanian, Byzantine, and Islamic art
  • Founded in 1870


National September 11 Memorial & Museum


  • Commemorates the September 11, 2001 attacks which killed 2,977 people, and the 1993 World Trade Center bombing, which killed 6
  • Former location of the Twin Towers which were destroyed during the attacks
  • #2 of the top 25 museums in the world
  • Funded by a non-profit institution
  • The design competition winner
  • Opened in 2014


Statue of Liberty


  • Colossal neoclassical sculpture made of copper built in 1886
  • Offered as a gift from the people of France to the United States
  • Figure is of a robed woman representing Libertas, a Roman liberty goddess
  • In her left hand is a tablua ansata with the date of July 4, 1775, the date of the U.S. Declaration of Independence and broken chain lies at her feet
  • An icon of freedom and the Unites States, which was a welcoming sight to immigrants arriving from around the world
  • Due to lack of funds, the statue was almost not built
  • Publisher Joseph Pulitzer of the New York World, started a drive for donations to finish the project and attracted more than 120,000 contributors, most of which gave less than a dollar
  • Public access to the balcony around the torch has been barred for safety since 1916
  • UNESCO World Heritage Site


Central Park

Southwest_corner_of_Central_Park,_looking_east,_NYC (2).jpg

  • Urban park the comprises 843 acres
  • Most visited urban park in the United States
  • One of the most filmed locations in the world
  • Opened in 1858


Manhattan Skyline


  • Best viewed from the Staten Island Ferries, day or night


St. Patrick’s Cathedral (Manhattan)


  • Neo-Gothic style Roman Catholic cathedral church
  • Seat of the archbishop of the Roman Catholic Archdiocese of New York, and a parish church
  • Considered one of the most visible symbols of Roman Catholicism in the United States


City Hall Station


  • The first New York City subway was built opened in 1904
  • The City Hall station was decorated with fine architectural details, including glass tiles and large chandeliers
  • The stop was one of the least-used in the system, which caused it to be abandoned
  • Now The New York City Transit Museum hosts tours of the station


The Evolution Store


  • The store includes high quality natural specimens of framed butterflies and insects, fossils, seashells, tribal art, skulls and skeletons, and medical models and posters


Dream House


  • Constantly fluctuating sound waves accompanied by neon pink reflections of light
  • Created in 1993 by modern composer La Monte Young and visual artist Marian Zazeela
  • The sound and light can be experienced as two mediums together as one, which requires a different, mode of attention.
  • Encounter a new collection of pitches with every move you make, as you encounter the various resonating sound fields


Roosevelt Island Smallpox Hospital Ruins

Smallpox Hospital Roosevelt Island_1

  • Before the end of the 1800s, when Western Europe and the United States began to make efforts to eradicate smallpox through universal vaccination, many cities built hospitals specifically for sufferers of smallpox.
  • Roosevelt Island’s smallpox hospital was active in the years 1856-1875, where it treated 7,000 patients a year
  • By the 1950s the hospital had become useless due to the decrease in cases of smallpox, which made the hospital useless, fall into disrepair, and eventually become abandoned




  • Features a collection of artifacts in a freight elevator, this museum has included past exhibitations as Personal Possessions found in the Pacific, Paper Works found in Copying Machines, and Homemade Weapons of Defense
  • Some of the artifacts that have been in the museum include the shoe thrown at George W. Bush at the Minister’s Palace in Baghdad, a hot water coil heater from Kaunas, Lithuania, and a plastic glove from Paradise Valley, Montana


Brooklyn Bridge


  • Hybrid cable-stayed/suspension bridge in New York City
  • Connects the boroughs of Manhattan and Brooklyn
  • Opened in 1883
  • One of the oldest roadway bridges in the United States
  • Since opening in 1883, the Brooklyn Bridge has undergone several reconfigurations, having carried horse-drawn vehicles and elevated railway lines until 1950


Top of the Rock


  • Observatory on top of Rockefeller Center, with an ocean-liner style design, offering city views




Number of Days: 15 days

Best Time To Fly: April-June, Sept-early Nov

Airline ticket: $374

Seattle -> Queens (round trip)

Food: $63/day x 15 days = $945

Subway pass: $127

Entertainment: $169

Airbnb: $114 x 14 days = $1,601

TOTAL: $3,216