Here’s some patterns I noticed in writing travel itineraries for past 5 years:

  • If you want the cheapest airline tickets, since they are usually the most expensive part of the trip, October seems to be the cheapest month to travel in most countries. Purchase them 57 days in advance for within North America, 160 days in advance from North America to Asia-Pacific, and 175 days in advance from North America to Europe.
  • Always try to learn enough of a language to do basic things when traveling to another country.
  • Travel light. A large backpack will do for longer trips and a medium sized backpack that can be used as a carry-on is good for the shorter trips you might take.
  • Make a human connection with the locals by asking plenty of questions. It will be what makes the trip more personally fulfilling.
  • Get a cheap hotel with “good enough” ratings. You’ll hardly be there except to sleep anyway.
  • Always read a book about the culture and etiquette of the place you are going. It will make things easier for you as you navigate the landscape. I recommend the Culture Shock books. They are short and easy to read, you could probably finish the book on your plane ride.
  • Try to enjoy the journey like you would the destination. Don’t worry about seeing everything in one go. I tend to like a more fast paced trip but don’t feel like you have to do the same.
  • It’s much cheaper to fly within your country of origin than outside the country.



This is just a quick table I would use to jot down all the information I could ever possibly need about the budget for each travel itinerary. You should use it too. Or don’t. That’s fine too.


Number of Days:

Best Time To Fly:

Plane Cost:


Rental Car:




Individual Total:

Group Total: