#60 best destination in the world

Yyteri, Pori

Best time to travel: July-Aug
Walk difficulty: Moderate
Ease of travel: Easy
Cost ($-$$-$$$): $

  • District and a beach in the city of Pori, bordering the Baltic Sea
  • Known for its namesake sandy beach with picturesque dunes and sweeping sea views, Yyteri is a quiet resort area surrounded by forest


Best time to travel: July-Sept
Ease of travel: Moderate
Cost ($-$$-$$$): $

  • Inhabited sea fortress built on eight islands
  • The Swedish crown commenced the construction of the fortress in 1748 as protection against Russian expansionism
  • The original plan of the bastion fortress was strongly influenced by the ideas of Vauban, the foremost military engineer of the time, and the principles of the star fort style of fortification, albeit adapted to a group of rocky islands
  • During the Finnish War, Sweden surrendered the fortress to Russia in 1808, paving the way for the occupation of Finland by Russian forces in 1809, and the eventual cession of Finland to Russia at the conclusion of the war
  • Russia held the fortress until Finnish independence in 1918

Helsinki Cathedral

Best time to travel: April-Sept
Ease of travel: Easy
Cost ($-$$-$$$): $

  • Finnish Evangelical Lutheran cathedral of the Diocese of Helsinki
  • The church was originally built from 1830–1852 as a tribute to the Grand Duke of Finland, Tsar Nicholas I of Russia
  • It was also known as St Nicholas’s Church until the independence of Finland in 1917
  • It is a major landmark of the city, and possibly the most famous structure in Finland

Temppeliaukio Church, Helsinki

Best time to travel: May-Sept
Ease of travel: Easy
Cost ($-$$-$$$): $

  • Lutheran church in Helsinki, designed by architects and brothers Timo and Tuomo Suomalainen, and opened in 1969
  • Built directly into solid rock, it is also known as the Church of the Rock

Kiasma, Helsinki

Best time to travel: June-Aug
Ease of travel: Easy
Cost ($-$$-$$$): $

  • Museum located in Helsinki, whose central goal is to showcase contemporary art and to strengthen its status
  • The building was constructed as a result of an anonymous architectural competition, and the winner was American Steven Holl

Levi Ski Resort, Kittilä

Best time to travel: early March
Ease of travel: Moderate
Cost ($-$$-$$$): $

  • Largest ski resort located in the village of Sirkka, Kittilä municipality
  • It is located approximately 110 miles north of the Arctic Circle
  • There are 43 ski slopes, and 27 ski lifts, ascending the fell are 2 gondolas, and 1 chairlift
  • The slopes in Levi are mostly suitable for beginners or intermediates, but there are also three black slopes for experts
  • The ski school provides instruction in downhill skiing, snowboarding, telemark skiing and cross-country skiing
  • The resort’s latitude allows for excellent chances of observing the Northern Lights

Ateneum, Helsinki

Best time to travel: May-Sept
Ease of travel: Easy
Cost ($-$$-$$$): $

  • Art museum in Helsinki, and one of the three museums forming the Finnish National Gallery
  • It has the biggest collections of classical art in Finland
  • The collections of Ateneum include Finnish art extensively from 18th-century rococo portraiture to the experimental art movements of the 20th century