#97 best destination in the world

Eagle Beach, Oranjestad

  • Rated one of the best beaches in the world, it is located in the neighborhood of Oranjestad, which is famous for its low-rise resorts and wide public beach

Baby Beach, Mangle Cora

  • Baby Beach, officially known as Klein Lagoen, is a shallow, sheltered man-altered lagoon located in the Mangle Cora locality
  • Because of the calm water, snorkeling at this beach is safe for those new to snorkeling
  • Because of the direction of local currents, Baby Beach has clean, clear water
  • Marine life in the lagoon includes barracuda, squid, parrot fish, blowfish, angelfish, eels, and many other small fish

Arikok National Park

  • Park that takes up approximately 18 percent of the island of Aruba and includes three primary geological formations: the Aruba lava formation, a quartz diorite formation, and a limestone formation that extends inward from the coast
  • Aruba is home to several species which only live on the island
  • Rock outcroppings create micro-climatic conditions to support unique plant and animal species
  • Inside the park are some of the island’s oldest Arawak paintings
  • Arikok National Park is home to popular hiking trails, covering all kinds of terrain from hills to gold mines, and even plantation ruins
  • In the national park some traditional Aruban houses in the cas di torto style can be visited

Arashi Beach, Noord

  • Settlement and beach on the northwestern tip of Aruba, in Noord district
  • The beach is popular for swimming and snorkeling

Mangel Halto

  • Secluded beach with a sun deck, mangroves and calm, shallow waters, popular for kayaking and snorkeling

California Lighthouse, Hudishibana

  • Lighthouse located at Hudishibana, the lighthouse was named for the steamship California, which was wrecked nearby in 1891
  • Built in 1916

Boca Catalina Beach

  • Small, secluded bay with a sandy white beach offers swimming and snorkeling