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Cerro Negro


  • Very new, active volcano, the youngest in Central America, having first appeared in 1850, it has erupted 23 times
  • Consists of a gravelly basaltic cinder cone
  • Cerro Negro has erupted frequently since its first eruption
  • One unusual aspect of several eruptions has been the emission of ash from the top of the cone, while lava erupts from fractures at the base.
  • Despite its youth, Cerro Negro has been one of the most active volcanoes in Nicaragua, with its latest eruption occurring in 1999


Mombacho Cigars


  • Cigar factory and cigar lounge


Masaya Volcano National Park


  • Nicaragua’s first national park
  • The park includes two volcanoes and five craters
  • In the park is an lava tube formed by lava flows, one can find bats and look inside and observe the glowing lava in the dark crater mouth of the volcano


Telica (Volcano)


  • One of several stratovolcanoes of the Nicaraguan volcanic front
  • One of Nicaragua’s most active volcanoes, Telica has erupted frequently, and ash from those frequent eruptions keeps the slopes of its cone bare of vegetation


Christ of the Mercy


  • Colossal statue of Jesus Christ
  • At the foot of the statue is a small chapel


León Cathedral


  • Cathedral whose construction lasted between 1747 and 1814 and was consecrated by Pope Pius IX in 1860
  • Cathedral has maintained the status of being the largest cathedral in Central America and one of the best known in the Americas due to its distinct architecture
  • It blends together the Baroque and Neoclassicism styles with some influences from Gothic, Renaissance and Mudéjar styles


Immaculate Conception Cathedral, Managua

Манагуа - кафедрал 6

  • Cathedral was built in 1991 to serve as a replacement for the Old Cathedral of Managua
  • The old cathedral was damaged and thought to be unrestoreable after a 1972 earthquake that destroyed 90% of the city


Boiling Mud Pools of San Jacinto


  • Volcanic activity causes small pools of super heated mud to boil




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