#100 best destination in the world


Millennium Cave, Luganville


  • Vanuatu’s largest cave which is reached by trek through the tropical forest

Mount Yasur, Tanna Island


  • Volcano which has been erupting nearly continuously for several hundred years, although it can usually be approached safely.
  • Eruptions occur several times an hour.
  • The volcano is caused by the moving Indo-Australian Plate being subducted under the Pacific Plate

Champagne Beach, Espiritu Santo

  • Beach located on the island of Espiritu Santo, famous for its crystal clear waters and powdery white sands, which is one of the best in the South Pacific region

Iririki, Mele Bay

  • Privately leased island, located in Mele Bay, and a resort covers most of this private isle with available day passes for swimming and snorkeling

Inyeug, Mystery Island

  • Small uninhabited island in Tafea Province, Inyueg is also called Mystery Island by the cruise ships that regularly visit the island
  • Inyeug is flanked to the west and south by the coral Intao Reef, that extends further south, and, albeit submerged, is the southernmost point of Vanuatu

Matevulu Blue Hole, Espiritu Santo

  • Picturesque freshwater natural swimming hole and a rope swing in peaceful surroundings

Erakor Island, Port Vila

  • Leafy volcanic island with a reef lagoon popular for cruises, plus snorkeling for turtles and dugongs