#15 best destination in the world


Falls Park on the Reedy


  • 32 acre park that used to be textile mills until the park was formed in the 1990s.
  • Known for its suspension bridge with cables only on one side, leaving an unobstructed view of the falls.


Myrtle Beach Pinball Museum


  • All volunteer run pinball museum with playable vintage pinball machines.


Pat Conroy Literary Center


  • Center that hosts readings by acclaimed regional and national authors
  • Offers writing workshops and events, as well as book clubs
  • Provides need based scholarships


Hilton Head Island


  • Lowcountry resort town
  • Occupied by Native Americans thousands of years ago, and continued with European exploration and the cotton trade


Lulu’s Beach Arcade and Ropes Course


  • Shoot hoops, master the claw, and climb high at this arcade and ropes course


Angel Oak


  • Southern live oak estimated to be 400-500 years old
  • The oak derives its name from the estate of Justus Angel and his wife, Martha Waight Tucker Angel


Pearl Fryar Topiary Garden


  • Pearl Fryar (born 1940) is a topiary artist, who around 1988, began trimming evergreen plants around his yard into unusual shapes
  • Many of the plants in Pearl’s garden were rescued from the compost pile at local nurseries
  • With Pearl’s patience and skilled hands, these “throw aways” have thrived and have been transformed into wonderful abstract shapes


UFO Welcome Center


  • The UFO Welcome Center is a tourist curiosity, built in the back yard of Jody Pendarvis
  • Consists of a 42-foot-wide flying saucer built out of wood, fiberglass, and plastic
  • The structure, entered by a powered ramp, is mounted on four columns, designed to raise and lower with motors
  • The saucer is furnished with a bed, satellite television, air conditioning, toilet, and a shower
  • Pendarvis envisioned himself as being an ambassador to aliens and wanted to provide a facility where they could rest after a long journey on UFOs


Old Slave Mart

HDRtist HDR Rendering - http://www.ohanaware.com/hdrtist/

  • Once housed an antebellum slave auction gallery
  • Constructed in 1859, the building is believed to be the last extant slave auction facility in South Carolina
  • When Union forces occupied Charleston beginning in February 1865, the slaves still imprisoned at Ryan’s Mart were freed
  • Old Slave Mart Museum now interprets the history of the city’s slave trade


Poinsett Bridge


  • Oldest bridge in the state
  • Named after Joel Roberts Poinsett, a prominent South Carolina resident, in 1820
  • Historians believe the small expanse was designed by Robert Mills, who designed the Washington Monument



Number of Days: 15 days

Best Time To Fly: March-July, Sept

Airline tickets: $423

Seattle -> Charleston (round trip) = $423

Food: $45/day x 15 days = $675

Rental car: $549

$39/day x 14 days = $549

Gas: $40

Entertainment: $101

Airbnb: $180 x 13 days = $2,347

TOTAL: $4,135

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