#14 best destination in the world

Citadel Hill (Fort George)


  • Four fortifications have been constructed on Citadel Hill since the city was founded by the English in 1749, named after King George III

Art Gallery of Nova Scotia


  • Museum with a permanent collection that has over 18,000 works by Nova Scotian, Canadian, and international artists
  • Established in 1908

McNabs Island


  • Island with historic features still visible throughout, such as the foundations of several houses built by early settlers, an aboriginal shell midden, a cemetery containing some of the island’s earliest residents, remains of a turn of the century picnic ground and soda pop factory, and remnants of a once extensive Victorian garden
  • Numerous military fortifications can be found, as well as the original McNab family house, and the main burial site of cholera victims from the S.S. England



  • Port town and one of the best examples of planned British colonial settlement in North America, as it retains its original layout and appearance of the 1800s, including local wooden vernacular architecture

Joggins Fossil Cliffs


  • Famous for its record of fossils from a rainforest ecosystem 310 million years ago
  • The fossils are exposed due to the tides
  • The earliest known reptile in the history of life was located in the cliffs
  • Also found were ferns, early amphibian species, and fish from when Nova Scotia was covered in tropical rainforests
  • The rainforests collapsed quickly, triggering a mass extinction event
  • UNESCO World Heritage Site


Number of Days: 10 days

Best Time To Fly: May-Oct

Airline ticket: $475

Seattle -> Halifax (round trip) $475

Food: $38/day x 10 days = $380

Rental Car: $106/day x 5 days = $530

Gas: $54

Entertainment: $68

Lodging: $122/night x 9 nights = $1,098

TOTAL: $2,605