#49 best destination in the world

Colonia del Sacramento


  • One of the oldest towns in Uruguay
  • UNESCO World Heritage Site


Rambla of Montevideo


  • 14 mile avenue that goes along the entire coastline of Montevideo
  • Longest continuous sidewalk in the world
  • UNESCO World Heritage Site


Auditorio del Sodre


  • National theater dedicated the dissemination of culture and art, and the promotion of teaching traditions and artistic excellence
  • Built in 1905, destroyed by fire in 1971, rebuilt in 2009


Pizzorno Family Estates


  • Family-owned vineyard and winery


El Legado Winery


  • Small winery and vineyard


Viña Varela Zarranz


  • One of the oldest and most famous wineries of Uruguay
  • The Varela Zarranz family began in the wine industry in 1933, acquiring a decade after the warehouse facility built in 1888


Laguna Garzón Bridge

Bridge (Puente) Laguna Garzón |

  • Bridge famous for its unusual circular shape
  • It was designed in a circular shape to force drivers to slow down, and allows for pedestrian access along the one-way circular route
  • It was opened to vehicular traffic in 2015 and can accommodate up to 1,000 vehicles a day


Café Brasilero


  • One of the most traditional bars in Uruguay
  • Cafe with art nouveau bronze artifacts
  • The furniture, including its Italian chairs and the facade, have retained the style since the beginning
  • Founded in 1877


Palacio Salvo


  • Building finished in 1928 by architect Mario Palanti, an Italian immigrant living in Buenos Aires
  • The space is a mixture of offices and residences


Plaza de toros Real de San Carlos


  • Derelict bull ring that is crumbling
  • When in operation it could host 10,000 spectators. It is designed in typically Moorish style
  • Opened in 1910
  • The arena hosted a total of eight fights before bull fighting was prohibited by the Uruguayan national government in 1912.
  • It is forbidden for safety reasons to access the bull ring, view from a distance


Zooilógico del Futuro


  • Zoo of the future, 13 piece sculpture park made of wrought iron by local artist Martin Arregui
  • Opened in 1991 as a campaign for preservation of flora and fauna
  • Depicts the dangers of letting indiscriminate hunting and other practices that affect wildlife continue unchecked




all flights $1,908

food $42/day x 9 days = $378

hotel $40/day x 7 days = $280

tickets (all attractions) $24

TOTAL for whole itinerary $2,590