#20 best destination in the world


Olympic National Park


  • Park established in 1938
  • Designated 95% of the park as the Olympic Wilderness
  • Ecosystems include sub-alpine forest, wildflower meadow, temperate forest, and rugged Pacific Shore
  • UNESCO World Heritage Site


Chihuly Garden and Glass


  • Showcases the studio glass of Dale Chihuly
  • Opened in 2012
  • Former site of the Fun Forest
  • Contains 3 components: the Garden, the Glasshouse, and the Interior Exhibits


Mount Rainier National Park


  • 236,381 acre park stablished in 1899
  • Includes the 14,411 ft Mount Rainier, a stratovolcano
  • Around it are valleys, waterfalls, subalpine meadows, old-growth forest, and more than 25 glaciers
  • 10,000 attempts per year are made to make it to the summit, approximately 50% make it


Pike Place Market


  • Oldest continuously operated public farmers’ markets in the United States
  • Opened in 1907
  • Features a variety of unique shops such as antique dealers, comic book and collectible shops, small family-owned restaurants, and one of the oldest head shops in Seattle
  • The upper street level contains fishmongers, fresh produce stands and craft stalls


Space Needle


  • Observation tower built in the Seattle Center for the 1962 World’s Fair
  • Built to withstand winds of up to 200 mph and earthquakes of up to 9.0 magnitude, as strong as the 1700 Cascadia earthquake



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  • All-inclusive community culture of kickboxing enthusiasts and instructors


Seattle Underground

Seattle Underground Tour

  • Seattle’s 1889 fire engulfed a 31 blocks of the city’s business district, mostly built out of wood, due to the major logging industry there
  • The fire was started when a worker heated glue over a gas fire in a cabinetry shop
  • After the fire, building ordinances required buildings be made of stone and brick, and to raise the city streets up from the ground, leaving the underground largely to opium addicts, prostitutes, and gangsters


Fremont Troll


  • 18-ft. tall troll made of cement clutches an old VW car underneath an overpass in Seattle’s Fremont neighborhood
  • The Troll was constructed in 1990 after winning a Fremont Arts Council competition for designs to improve the freeway underpass, which then was a dumping ground


Ye Olde Curiosity Shop


  • Opened in 1899 to house the many unusual artifacts Joseph Standley had collected, at the time, mostly Indian and Eskimo artifacts, as well as natural curiosities
  • Includes a large display of shrunken heads, a three-tusked walrus skull, a working merry-go-round organ, a narwhal tusk, and a pair of famous mummies


Hall of Mosses


  • Hiking trail in Olympic National Park, located in the Hoh Rainforest, seemingly plunked from a fantasy novel


Museum of Pop Culture


  • Museum dedicated to the history and exploration of both popular music and science fiction
  • Features exhibits spanning such diverse areas as science fiction, fantasy, horror, fashion, sports, video games, and music




Number of Days: 14 days

Best Time To Fly: May-June, Sept-Oct

Airline tickets: $246

Chicago -> Seattle (round trip) = $246

Food: $45/day x 14 days = $630

Rental car: $629

$55/day x 7 days = $386

Gas: $50

Entertainment: $164

Airbnb: $155 x 13 days = $2,022

TOTAL: $4,127