#34 best destination in the world

City Museum


  • Museum whose exhibits consist largely of repurposed architectural and industrial objects, housed in the former International Shoe building
  • Opened in 1997

Missouri Botanical Garden


  • Garden whose herbarium contains more than 6.6 million specimens
  • It is the second largest herbarium in North America, behind that of the New York Botanical Garden

Bonne Terre Mine


  • Historic lead mine located below the city of Bonne Terre
  • Built starting in 1864 by the St. Joe Lead Company, and the mine closed in 1962

Devil’s Icebox Trail


  • Trail through a geological preserve, encompassing 2,273 acres
  • The state park is noted for its excellent examples of karst landforms including the rock bridge, sinkholes, and an underground stream at the cave known as Devil’s Icebox
  • The rock bridge was created by the collapse of a section of a cave which resulted in a small arch of rock being left to form a natural bridge over the creek

Ha Ha Tonka Castle Ruins


  • State park encompassing over 3,700 acres on the Lake of the Ozarks
  • The ruins of Ha Ha Tonka, are an early 20th-century stone mansion that was modeled after European castles of the 16th century
  • The park also features caves, sinkholes, and bluffs overlooking the lake

The Haygoods


  • Rock concert featuring light-up cellos, harps, electric guitars, and saxophones, backdrops full of fiery explosions, and light up designs

Sight and Sound Theatres

maxresdefault (18).jpg

  • Entertainment company that produces Bible stories live on stage
  • Opened in 1976

Silver Dollar City


  • 1880s themed park opened in 1960
  • #13 of the top 25 best amusement parks in the world

National WWI Museum and Memorial


  • Designated in 2004 by the United States Congress as America’s official museum dedicated to World War I
  • The National World War I Museum tells the story of the Great War and related global events from their origins before 1914 through the 1918 armistice and 1919 Paris Peace Conference
  • Visitors enter the exhibit space within the 32,000-square-foot facility across a glass bridge above a field of 9,000 red poppies, each one representing 1,000 combatant deaths

Glore Psychiatric Museum


  • Museum that depicts the 130 year history of the State Lunatic Asylum No. 2 and the overall evolution of the treatment of mental illness
  • Also includes art done by patients over the years
  • Building built in 1874


Number of Days: 15 days

Best Time To Fly: April-May, Sept-Oct

Airline tickets: $418

Seattle -> St. Louis (one way) = $219
Kansas City -> Seattle (one way) = $199

Food: $45/day x 15 days = $675

Rental car: $62/day x 15 days = $930

Gas: $61

Entertainment: $281

Airbnb: $212/day x 14 days = $2,968

TOTAL: $5,333