Coiba National Park


  • Largest island in Central America
  • The island separated from continental Panama about 12,000-18,000 years ago when sea levels rose
  • Was home to the Coiba Cacique Indians until about 1560 when they were conquered by the Spanish and forced into slavery
  • UNESCO World Heritage Site


Panama Canal


  • Waterway that connects the Atlantic Ocean with the Pacific Ocean
  • France began work on the canal in 1881, but stopped due to engineering problems and a high worker mortality rate
  • The United States took over the project in 1904 and the canal opened in 1914
  • One of the largest and most difficult engineering projects ever undertaken


Casco Viejo


  • Historic district of Panama City
  • Settled in 1673, it was built following the near-total destruction of the original Panamá city, which was attacked by pirates
  • UNESCO World Heritage Site


Botanical Gardens Bocas del Toro


  • Garden created with large collections of gingers, palms, flowering trees, fruit trees, spices, and ornamentals


Boquete Outdoor Adventures


  • Tour company that offers a variety of activities such as whitewater rafting, island hopping, ziplines, and hikes, to name a few


Isla Perro


  • Island with a shipwreck of an old army gunboat, in front of its shores, making the spot a popular snorkeling spot




all flights $993

food $21/day x 9 days = $189

hotel $27/day x 6 days = $162

tickets (all attractions) $150

TOTAL for whole itinerary $1,494