Negril Seven Mile Beach


  • Small town beach featuring powdery white sand and crystal clear water

Floyd’s Pelican Bar


  • Bar built on stilts in the middle of the ocean
  • There’s always a bunch of pelicans perched on the rocky sandbar next to the bar, and that’s where it got its name

Blue Hole Mineral Spring


  • Mineral springs with a deep swimming cave, a pool, grill, plus mud massages

Rastafari Indigenous Village


  • Village that connects you to Rastafari, whose mission is universal human connections, and to preserve and protect the Rasta culture of humanity
  • Journey across a river and through the bamboo glade, learning to attune to the energy of water, air, living things
  • After learning about Rasta philosophy, you’re invited to meet with community members in their different enterprises, and see their hand-made drums, soaps, jewelry and art
  • The tour ends with an interactive spiritual drumming session with community members

Martha Brae River


  • River featuring rafting tours
  • A small village near the river is named Martha’s Brae because of this river

The Glistening Waters (Falmouth)


  • Surrounded by mangroves, this lagoon is home to microscopic organisms that emit a bio-luminescent light when agitated
  • The water glows blue and becomes illuminated when these organisms are disturbed
  • As the fish in the lagoon swim, you can see their outlines as streaks of light, shooting around at night
  • When it rains, the lagoon lights up with the drops of water dancing on the surface

Dunn’s River Falls


  • Waterfall terraced with giant natural stairs
  • Climbing the waterfalls is a popular tourist activity

Cool Blue Hole Cascade


  • Scenic tropical waterfalls with multiple swimming holes

Folly Ruins


  • Once the most opulent house in Jamaica
  • In the early 1900s a businessman from Connecticut visited Port Antonio with his wife Annie Tiffany, an heiress to the Tiffany fortune
  • In 1905, they purchased the land, which had been known as Folly Point for at 120 years, and began building a villa where they could spend their winters
  • The finished product was lavish mansion built in the style of a Roman villa, with over 60 rooms
  • The mansion included a steam-powered generator, electric lights, running water, a sauna, and a wind-powered generator to pump seawater into an indoor swimming pool
  • The property included stables as well as a menagerie of peacocks and monkeys
  • Mitchell imported Jamaica’s second automobile, a Rolls Royce touring car
  • The land was sold but the new owner abandoned the property several years later, leading to the house being scavenged and generally falling into disrepair
  • The second floor collapsed due to looting and negligence in 1936
  • As a safety precaution, only view the ruins from the fenced off area