#18 best destination in the world


Iguazu Falls


  • Largest waterfall system in the world
  • The first European to record the existence of the falls was a Spanish conquistador in 1541
    UNESCO World Heritage Site


Lençóis Maranhenses National Park


  • Area of low, flat, occasionally flooded land, overlaid with large sand dunes
  • Despite abundant rain, the area supports almost no vegetation


Chapada dos Veadeiros National Park

  • National park on top of an ancient plateau with an estimated age of 1.8 billion years
  • UNESCO World Heritage Site


Baia do Sancho


  • #2 of the top 25 beaches in the world


Christ the Redeemer (statue)


  • Art Deco statue of Jesus Christ
  • #16 of the top 25 landmarks in the world
  • Constructed between 1922-1931
  • A symbol of Christianity across the world


Beto Carrero World


  • Largest theme park in Latin America
  • #7 of the top 25 amusement parks in the world
  • Divided into 9 theme areas


Ricardo Brennand Institute


  • Non-profit private organization and cultural institution created in 2002 by Brazilian collector and businessman Ricardo Brennand
  • #18 of the top 25 museums in the world
  • Comprises a museum, art gallery, library, and large park
  • Holds a collection of historic and artistic objects ranging from Early Middle Ages to 20th century
  • Emphasizes objects related to Colonial and Dutch Brazil


Pinacoteca do Estado de São Paulo


  • Collection contains a wide range of 19th century paintings, sculptures, as well as iconic Brazilian Modernist artworks
  • Opened in 1911
  • #20 of the top 25 museums in the world


Rio de Janeiro


  • Second most populous city in Brazil
  • Founded in 1565 by the Portuguese
  • UNESCO World Heritage Site




  • Planned city founded in 1960 to serve as the new national capital
  • Known for its modernist architecture and artistic urban planning
  • The city’s design divides into numbered blocks and sectors for hotels, banking, and the embassy
  • UNESCO World Heritage Site


Ouro Preto


  • City and former colonial mining town located in the mountains
  • Known for its Baroque architecture
  • One of the main areas of the Brazilian Gold Rush from the 18th century
  • UNESCO World Heritage Site




  • Historic city noted as one of the best-preserved colonial cities in Brazil
  • The city has many attractions including a historic downtown area, churches, and the Carnival of Olinda
  • The Carnival of Olinda is celebrated on the streets along with hundreds of musical groups performing in different genres
  • UNESCO World Heritage Site


Fernando de Noronha


  • Archipelago of 21 islands and islets in the Atlantic Ocean
  • Only the mainland is inhabited, with a population of 2,930
  • UNESCO World Heritage Site


Lagoa do Paraiso



Praça da Matriz (Porto Alegre)


  • Known as “Cathedral Square,” it is a public space and historic city


Morro Branco



Muro Alto Beach



Carneiros Beach





all flights $2,922

food $18/day x 27 days = $486

hotel $35/day x 24 days = $840

tickets (all attractions) $168

TOTAL for whole itinerary $4,416