Perito Moreno Glacier


  • Glacier located in Los Glaciares National Park
  • The ice field is the world’s third largest reserve of fresh water
  • UNESCO World Heritage Site


Iguazu Falls


  • Waterfalls of the Iguazu River
  • Legend has it that a deity planned to marry a beautiful woman named Naipí, who fled with her mortal lover Tarobá in a canoe.
  • In a rage, the deity sliced the river, creating the waterfalls and condemning the lovers to an eternal fall


Ischigualasto Provincial Park


  • The first paleontological description of Ischigualasto dates from 1930, which led to the discovery of 70 species of fossil plants
  • Rock formations are eroded by wind, which creates their unusual shapes
  • UNESCO World Heritage Site


El Ateneo Grand Splendid


  • Bookshop that was originally a theater built in 1919
  • #20 of the top 25 landmarks in the world


Cueva de las Manos

SantaCruz-CuevaManos-P2210651b (1)

  • Series of caves famous for its paintings of hands
  • The artists used bone-made pipes to spray paint over their hands and create each silhouette
  • The cave art dates from 13,000-9,000 years ago
  • Last inhabited in 700 AD
  • UNESCO World Heritage Site


Valdes Peninsula


  • Small settlement on barren land with some salt lakes
  • One of the salt lakes in the region is 130 ft below sea level
  • UNESCO World Heritage Site


Quebrada de Humahuaca


  • Narrow mountain valley named after a small city of 11,000 inhabitants
  • The site has been populated for at least 10,000 years, since the first hunter-gatherers
  • The area has yielded substantial prehistoric remains
  • UNESCO World Heritage Site


San Ignacio Miní


  • One of the many missions founded in 1632 by the Jesuits during the Spanish colonial period
  • UNESCO World Heritage Site


Garganta del Diablo


  • Set of waterfalls in Iguazu Falls with the highest waterfall flow in the world


Teatro Colón


  • Opera house considered acoustically considered to be among the five best concert venues in the world
  • Visited by the foremost singers and opera companies of the time in the early 1900s
  • Constructed from 1889-1908


Fitz Roy


  • Mountain first climbed in 1952, it remains among the most technically challenging mountains for mountaineers on Earth
  • Highest elevation is 11,171 ft


Serranía de Hornocal


  • Range of mountains with eroded, exposed limestone formations called Yacoraite
  • The altitude is 15,620 ft above sea level
  • UNESCO World Heritage Site


Laguna de los Tres


  • 16.7 mile hiking trail in Los Glaciares National Park




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hotel $26/day x 19 days = $494

tickets (all attractions) $233

TOTAL for whole itinerary $5,369