#84 best destination in the world


Iguazu Falls, Iguazu National Park


Best time to travel: late March-May, Aug-early Oct
Walk difficulty: Moderate
Ease of travel: Moderate
Cost ($-$$-$$$): $$

  • Waterfalls of the Iguazu River on the border of Argentina and Brazil
  • Iguazu Falls make up the largest waterfall system in the world
  • For most of its course, the river flows through Brazil; however, most of the falls are on the Argentine side
  • The first European to record the existence of the falls was a Spanish Conquistador in 1541

Perito Moreno Glacier, Los Glaciares National Park


Best time to travel: Jan-Feb, Oct-Dec
Walk difficulty: Easy
Ease of travel: Moderate
Cost ($-$$-$$$): $$

  • Glacier located in Los Glaciares National Park
  • The ice field is the world’s third largest reserve of fresh water
  • Despite most of the innumerable glaciers worldwide retreating, one of the few unusual glaciers that maintains in a state of equilibrium is the Perito Moreno Glacier because it continues to accumulate mass at a rate similar to that of its loss

Cerro Catedral, Nahuel Huapi National Park

Best time to travel: June-Sept
Walk difficulty: Hard
Ease of travel: Moderate
Cost ($-$$-$$$): $$

  • Mountain located inside the Nahuel Huapí National Park, in Patagonia
  • The mountain is the biggest ski center in South America and in the Southern Hemisphere, with 75 miles of ski runs, and a lift capacity of 35,000 skiers per hour
  • It is also popular due to the views of the Nahuel Huapi lake
  • There are also a number of hotels and hostels at the foot of the mountain, and a summer hikers’ hut on one of the tops of the mountain
  • During the summer, it accommodates trekkers and rock climbers

Latin American Art Museum of Buenos Aires

Best time to travel: April-June, Sept-Dec
Ease of travel: Easy
Cost ($-$$-$$$): $

  • Museum inaugurated in 2001, and created by Argentine businessman Eduardo Costantini
  • The institution was organized around the Costantini Collection, and has continued to expand its selection of works from modern artists across Latin America
  • The mission of the MALBA is to collect, preserve, research and promote Latin American art from the onset of the 20th century to the present

Aconcagua, Mendoza Province

Best time to travel: Jan-March, Nov-Dec
Walk difficulty: Hard
Ease of travel: Hard
Cost ($-$$-$$$): $$$

  • Mountain in the Andes mountain range, in Mendoza Province
  • It is the highest mountain in the Americas, the highest outside Asia, and the highest in the Southern Hemisphere, with a summit elevation of 22,838 ft
  • The mountain is one of the Seven Summits of the seven continents
  • The mountain has a number of glaciers, the largest glacier is the Ventisquero Horcones Inferior at about 6 miles long

La Recoleta Cemetery, Buenos Aires

Best time to travel: April-June, Sept-Dec
Walk difficulty: Easy
Ease of travel: Easy
Cost ($-$$-$$$): $

  • Cemetery located in the Recoleta neighborhood of Buenos Aires
  • It contains the graves of notable people, including Eva Perón, presidents of Argentina, Nobel Prize winners, the founder of the Argentine Navy, and military commanders like Julio Argentino Roca

Teatro Colón, Buenos Aires

Best time to travel: April-Dec
Ease of travel: Easy
Cost ($-$$-$$$): $

  • Main opera house in Buenos Aires, considered one of the ten best opera houses in the world by National Geographic, and is acoustically considered to be amongst the five best concert venues in the world
  • The present Colón replaced an original theatre which opened in 1857
  • The Teatro Colón was visited by the foremost singers and opera companies of the time, who would sometimes go on to other cities including Montevideo, Rio de Janeiro and São Paulo