#10 best destination in the world


Ban Chiang


  • Archeological site including several skeletons and bronze grave gifts such as bracelets, rings anklets, wires, spearheads, axes, hooks, blades and bells
  • Dates back to 4420 BC, making it the earliest Bronze Age culture in the world
  • UNESCO World Heritage Site


Wat Pho


  • #21 of the top 25 landmarks in the world
  • First-class royal temple built under King Rama I
  • Built in the 16th century
  • UNESCO World Heritage Site


Ayutthaya Historical Park


  • Ruins of the old city of Ayutthaya
  • Founded in 1351 by King Ramathibodi I
  • UNESCO World Heritage Site


Historic Town of Sukhothai and Associated Historic Towns


  • Preserved remains of 3 main cities of the Sukhothai Kingdom, the first of the Thai kingdoms
  • Built during the 13th-14th centuries
  • UNESCO World Heritage Site


Si Satchanalai Historical Park


  • City founded in 1250
  • Park contains ancient Buddha figures, palace buildings, and ruined temples
  • UNESCO World Heritage Site


Phuket Giant Buddha


  • Buddha being built in Phuket island
  • Partially completed and open to visitors


BTS Skytrain


  • Elevated rapid transit system
  • Opened in 1999


The Thai Experience


  • 16 dish, 4 course meals provided by chefs in a communal dining room


Emerald Buddha


  • Figurine of the meditating Buddha made of semi-precious green stone (jade or jasper) and clothed in gold


Tab Kak Hang Nak Hill Nature Trail

maxresdefault (7)

  • Hiking trail that takes about an hour and a half to complete




all flights $2,282

food $6/day x 17 days = $97

hotel $16/day x 16 days = $256

tickets (all attractions) $114

TOTAL for whole itinerary $2,749