• Western Desert of Egypt containing massive chalk rock formations
  • Formations are the result of occasional sandstorms


Sharm El Lui (Marsa Alam)

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  • Remote sandy beach and lagoon
  • #22 of the top 25 beaches in the world


Shunet El Zebib


  • Large mudbrick mortuary temple
  • Dates back to 2700 BC
  • One of the oldest buildings in the world
  • Built by the Ancient Egyptian pharaoah Khasekhemwy


Pyramid of Djoser


  • Burial built in the 27th century BC
  • Was once clad in polished white limestone
  • One of the oldest buildings in the world



Meidoum_pyramide_003 (1)

  • Archaelogical site containing a large pyramid and several mud-brick mastabas (flat-roofed ancient Egyptian tombs)
  • Built in 2580 BC
  • One of the oldest buildings in the world


Bent Pyramid


  • Tomb that dates back to 2600 BC
  • Built under the Old Kingdom Pharaoh Sneferu
  • One of the oldest buildings in the world


Red Pyramid


  • Tomb built in 2580 BC
  • Named for the reddish hue of its red limestone stones
  • Believed to be Egypt’s first successful attempt at constructing a true smooth-sided pyramid
  • During the Middle Ages much of the white Tura limestone was taken for buildings in Cairo, revealing the red limestone beneath
  • One of the oldest buildings in the world


Islamic Cairo


  • One of the world’s oldest Islamic cities
  • The old walled city is characterized by hundreds of mosques, tombs, madrasas, mansions, caravanserais, and fortifications dating back to the Islamic era (641-969 AD)
  • UNESCO World Heritage Site


Saint Catherine’s Monastery


  • Eastern Orthodox monastery at the foot of Mount Sinai at the mouth of a gorge
  • Built from 548-565
  • One of the oldest working Christian monasteries in the world
  • Contains the world’s oldest continually operating library
  • UNESCO World Heritage Site


Abu Simbel Temples


  • Twin rock temples carved out of the side of a mountain in 1264 BC
  • Completed under the rein of Pharaoah Ramesses II to commemorate the Battle of Kadesh
  • Was relocated in 1968 as necessary to prevent being submerged during the creation of Lake Nasser
  • UNESCO World Heritage Site




  • Complex of decayed temples, chapels, and pylons
  • Part of monumental city of Thebes
  • UNESCO World Heritage Site


Hathor Temple


  • Temple dedicated to Hathor
  • One of the best preserved temples in all Egypt
  • Includes depictions of Cleopatra and Julius Caesar


Great Pyramid of Giza


  • The oldest of the Seven Wonders of the Ancient World
  • Built in 2560 BC
  • Was the tallest man-made structure in the world for more than 3,800 years at 481 ft originally
  • UNESCO World Heritage Site


Medinet Habu (Temple)


  • Mortuary temple for Ramesses III
  • Best known for being the source of inscribed reliefs depicting the defeat of the Sea Peoples during the reign of Ramesses III




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