Sheikh Zayed Mosque


  • #2 of the top 25 landmarks in the world
  • Largest mosque in the country
  • Constructed in 2007
  • Serves the community with classic books and publications addressing a range of Islamic subjects: sciences, civilization, calligraphy, the arts, and coins, including some rare publications dating back more than 200 years.


Burj Khalifa


  • #22 of the top 25 landmarks in the world
  • Tallest structure in the world at 2,717 ft
  • Built in 2009


Al Ain


  • Known as Garden City
  • UNESCO World Heritage Site


The Dubai Fountain


  • World’s largest choreographed fountain system
  • Accompanied by a range of classical to contemporary Arabic and world music.
  • Built in 2008


The Dubai Mall


  • Largest mall in the world
  • Includes 1,200 shops
  • Built in 2008

Burj Al Arab


  • Luxury hotel on an artificial 920 ft island
  • Designed to resemble the sail of a ship
  • Has a helipad on its roof


Al Noor Mosque


  • Mosque created in Turkish Ottoman design


Al Majaz Waterfront


  • Waterfront opened in 2011



all flights $979

food $25/day x 11 days = $270

hotel $32/day x 9 days = $288

tickets (all attractions) $36

TOTAL for whole itinerary $1,573