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Hi, I'm Shannon O'Brien. Welcome to my travel website where I like to try to accomplish the impossible task of finding "the best" destinations on planet earth. I actually enjoy using statistics to find a general estimate of what makes something "the best." Then I use editorial judgment to narrow things down and rank them.

I've been working on this travel website since 2010, which began as a Word document I printed out into book form. Which, I guess, isn't really a website at all.

My favorite part of travel is the surreal feelings, like cresting a hill and seeing mountains that fill the whole sky and thinking to myself, "Wow, this was once all under water..." Which is sometimes true.

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My other favorite part of going on a trip is having a pina colada by the hotel pool and laughing at a bad joke with whoever I'm with.

As I travel, I am always learning. For example, always use all your senses and fully soak up the novel experience of traveling; and never use the hotel mini bar, unless you want to pay $27 for half a bottle of actual cheap wine. As I go, I like to share with internet strangers the things I learn, and update my website accordingly as I figure things out.

I hope you find this information useful on travels and that you find a 900 year old tree to hug that hugs back.

Safe travels,
Shannon O'Brien