Savannah Historic District


  • Historical district prior to the American Civil War era.
  • Known for its 18th and 19th-century architecture and green spaces.


World of Coca-Cola

maxresdefault (24)

  • Museum for Coca-Cola
  • Built next to where Coca-Cola’s original formula was invented.
  • Features exhibits about the secret formula of Coca-Cola.
  • Opened in 2007


National Infantry Museum


  • Museum exhibiting the history of the United States Army infantryman from the American Revolution to Afghanistan.
  • Buildings include a chapel, barracks, mess hall, orderly room, supply room, and the sleeping quarters and headquarters building used by Gen. George Patton prior to his deployment to North Africa in 1942.
  • Opened in 2009


Webb Military Museum


  • Museum exhibiting history from the American Civil War to Desert Storm.
  • Showcases original uniforms, headgear, and equipment.


Jekyll Island


  • Island featuring walking trails, bike trails, beaches, wildlife viewing, and a water park.
  • Showcases numerous impressive and ambitious buildings from the late nineteenth and early twentieth centuries.




all flights $337

food $35/day x 7 days = $245

hotel $63/day x 6 days = $378

tickets (all attractions) $33

TOTAL for whole itinerary $993

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