#25 best destination in the world



  • Village built around a small oasis, surrounded by sand dunes
  • Popular tourist attraction for sand boarding and dune buggy riding on the sand dunes
  • Local legends say the water and mud of the area has curative powers, leading people to often bathe in the waters or mud




  • Was a large settlement founded in 2600 BC and abandoned in 2000 BC
  • The most ancient city of the Americas
  • One of the oldest buildings in the world
  • UNESCO World Heritage Site


Historic Sanctuary of Machu Picchu


  • Protected area that includes the archaeological site of Machu Picchu and its surrounding environment
  • #8 of the top 25 landmarks in the world
  • Located in a cloud forest
  • UNESCO World Heritage Site


Larco Museum


  • Privately owned museum of pre-Columbian art
  • #22 of the top 25 museums in the world
  • Museum shows an overview of 4,000 years of Peruvian pre-Columbian history
  • Well known for its gallery of pre-Columbian erotic pottery


Chan Chan


  • Largest city of the pre-Columbian era in South America, now an archaeological site
  • Founded in 850 AD by the historical empire of Chimor
  • UNESCO World Heritage Site


Historic Centre of Lima


  • Noted for its high concentration of historic monuments constructed in the time of Spanish presense
  • Founded in 1535
  • UNESCO World Heritage Site




  • City founded in 1540 during the Colonial period
  • Religious, colonial, and republican architectural styles blend European and native characteristics
  • UNESCO World Heritage Site


Laguna 69, Huascarán National Park


  • Park well-known for its mountaineering and biodiversity
  • Contains the world’s highest tropical mountain range
  • UNESCO World Heritage Site


Historic Center of Cusco


  • Historic capital of the Inca Empire from the 13th-16th century Spanish conquest
  • UNESCO World Heritage Site




  • Citadel first built in about 1100 by the Killke culture
  • Citadel was expanded and added to by the Inca from the 13th century
  • Dry stone walls are constructed of huge stones, carefully cut to fit together tightly without mortar
  • Location is 12,142 ft above sea level
  • UNESCO World Heritage Site


Circuito Magico del Agua


  • Music, water, sound, and laser light show in the Parque de la Reserva


Miraflores District, Lima


  • Exclusive residential and upscale shopping district in downtown Lima




all flights $2,143

food $9/day x 18 days = $162

hotel $27/day x 15 days = $405

tickets (all attractions) $179

TOTAL for whole itinerary $2,889